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Mobile Forklift Ramp


Mobile Yard Ramps have been designed to allow forklift trucks to safely and effectively load containers and trailers when there is no loading bay available to use.

We have three steel constructed Titan Mobile Yard Ramps available which have been designed to easily operate in all types of weather conditions. With their premium quality construction, these Ramps are incredibly durable, long-lasting and require little maintenance on site.

As low as £10,600.00 £12,720.00
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Each Ramp has been safety tested in-house by independent certifying body Lloyds British to easily facilitate the weight of forklift trucks when in use.

Wheel Chocks, Safety Chains and a Forklift Push-Pull Attachment are all included with your Mobile Yard Ramp.



  • Easy manoeuvrability for operator use
  • Long-lasting
  • Durable coated finish with rust inhibitor
  • Manufactured with steel construction
  • Finely balanced to assist manoeuvrability
  • Hydraulic hand pump for easy lowering and raising of ramp to desired height
  • Chains and Anchor Brackets to secure ramp to truck
  • Durbar run-on plate to take impact of forklift truck
  • Expanded-metal open mesh bed for maximum grip



Titan 7

Titan 10s

Titan 12

Length 10.835m 10.835m 11.77m
Lip Plate Width 2.22m 2.22m 2.26m
External Width 2.6m 2.6m 2.64m
Operation Range 1m to 1.65m 0.85m to 1.7m 0.85m to 1.9m
Dynamic 2-axle Load Capacity 7,000kg 10,000kg 12,000kg
Max Dynamic Single Axle Load Capacity 6,300kg 9,000kg 10,800kg
Weight 2,800kg 2,880kg 4,160kg
Level Section Length 1.84m 1.84m 2.25m
Safety Rave Height 0.3m 0.3m 0.3m


In addition to our Mobile Yard Ramp, we have other Equipment available for safe access to Vehicles & Containers. This includes Lorry Access Mobile Steps, Mobile Access Platforms and Side Access Trailer Steps. In addition to this Access Equipment, we also have a range of Aluminium Ramps available for easy loading access for trucks and vans.


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