Noise Defender Acoustic Barrier

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Noise Defender Acoustic Barrier
At 1.2m wide x 2.0m long, the Noise Defender Acoustic Barrier is our most cost effective noise reducing blanket.
Ex VAT: £99.99 Inc VAT: £119.99


Our noise defender panels are one of the worlds most popular barriers when it comes to combating noise polution with a modular system of portable acoustic panels. In terms of performance, sustainability and price it is the first choice for reponsible operators across the globe. 


There are three key factors ithat make our noise defender barriers successful at controlling & reducing noise levels: 

Geometry - Our innovative acousitc panels are compact, lightweight and portable. They can be readily placed in the ideal position relative to the noise source, creating an acoustic shadow that will ‘capture’ the noise to maximum effect.

Noise absorption - These acoustic panels are designed to absorb noise, never simply reflecting it as wood or metal barriers do. When noise is reflected, it can reverberate, aggravating noise pollution.

Barrier mass - The mass of a barrier influences its ability to mitigate noise. These noise reducing panels strike an optimum balance between mass, weight and dimensions. They are designed to be double or triple-layered to increase overall mass when circumstances demand it.


The noise defender portable acoustic panels, which form a modular system, are lightweight, compact and durable. Designed for easy transportation and quick installation and disassembly – even by a single operative – they are readily fitted onto any structure, typically solid or mesh fencing or scaffolding. The panels can be configured, combined and layered to respond to the particular conditions and challenges of a project. To create an acoustic curtain or wall, they can be linked both vertically and laterally, or doubled up in thickness for additional noise mitigation.


Our acoustic panels are built to last. With their resilient PVC exterior and heavy-duty grommets, they are designed for durability under tough conditions. They can be relied upon for years of efficient noise management.