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Standard Geotextile - Non Woven

A high quality polypropylene mechanically bonded geotextile range.
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Our standard range of non-woven geotextiles provide separation, filtration & protection functions. All of these geotextiles are needle punched (mechanically bonded) & robust. A robust geotextile is important for reducing the potential for damage during the installation of the geotextile layer. The material can also flex meaning these geotextiles can accommodate stress & avoid being punctured.

Our standard non-woven geotextile range is most commonly used to offer separation and filtration. Typical uses include:

  • As a general purpose separator for use under site access roads and areas of hardstanding.
  • As a separation and strengthening layer under new roadways, car parks, industrial units etc.
  • As a filter surround in the construction of a French drain or granular drainage blanket.
  • For separation: to prevent the intermixing of dissimilar soil layers.
  • For filtration: to allow the passage of fluids whilst preventing the uncontrolled passage of soil.

Our specialist bright orange geotextile has multiple functions offering a high visibility warning layer (for future dig) in contaminated land applications, whilst offering both separation and filtration functions.