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2 Metre Water Filled Traffic Barrier

Pedestrian & vehicle safety Novus 2 metre water filled heavy duty road barrier system for highway & construction site delineation. Enhance your site security & safety by adding interlocking anti-climb mesh metal hoarding panels and add 2 metres of height to your barrier wall.
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The Novus 2 Metre Waterfilled Barrier system is a flexible, easy to set up & secure cost-effective way of deploying delineation barriers for Traffic Management, Crowd Control, On-Site Security, Construction Sites, Highway Maintenance, Road Closure and Event / Show purposes. Separate any highway, construction or other areas of a site easily, simply & cost effectively. 

Similar to both the RB2000 and GB2 water filled barriers systems the Novus 2 metre water filled heavy duty road barrier system (when filled with water) weighs 180KG per barrier allowing you to deploy a sturdy weighted barrier system easily by deploying unfilled & once in position filling with water. 

Each barrier allows up to 90° bends thanks to the Novus’ interlocking angled corners, allowing you to direct the flow of your water filled barrier system as you choose! 

Available in a 50/50 mix of Red & White, 100% Red or 100% White. Simply choose your mix of colours when selecting the Novus 2 metre water filled heavy duty road barrier system & Safe Fence will do the rest.

Product Dimensions

Depth 520mm
Length 2300mm
Working Length 2000mm 
Height  800mm (2 metres with mesh panels)
Weight 25KG (180KG when full)
Water Capacity 155 litres


MIRA wind speed test results
Novus barriers (water filled to fill line)
Withstood wind speeds of up to 68mph (58mph with mesh panels)
No barrier failed at the given speed.

Product Features

  • One-piece durable moulded design
  • Robust prime UV stabilised polyethylene MDPE
  • Quick hook and eye assembly
  • Fully interlocking supporting 90° bends, angles, and curves
  • 2 person lift and deployment
  • No heavy tooling required
  • Water level indicator
  • Top fill with bung & bottom drain plug
  • Can be water filled during assembly
  • Wide design with forklift slots on each base
  • Stackable for transportation & storage
  • Anti-climb mesh hoarding available for added security & safety
  • UK Manufactured

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