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Oaklog Self-Weighted Barrier

Oaklog Barriers are self weighted one piece barrier systems with a rigid body & interlocking joins, ideal for use as a temporary or semi-permanent blockade. Linked together by a locking system means our Oaklog barriers are stable, sturdy and easily assembled on-site.

Our Oaklog Self-Weighted Barriers are self weighted one piece barriers with a rigid body, ideal for use as a semi-permanant or temporary blockade. 

Oaklog Barriers have an integrated locking system allowing you to create/deploy a stable, sturdy, safe & secure barrier or blockade easily & quickly. 

Each Oaklog Barrier comes with carrying rope handles making a heavy self-weighted barrier easy for staff to lift and move into position. 

Each log weighs 40kg and comes in a 50/50 mix of Red and White Colours as standard. Choose your option & get either a 50/50 Mix of Red & White or 100% Red &/or 100% White in your delivery. 

Length: 1000 mm / 1m
Width: 300 mm / 0.3m
Height: 300 mm / 0.3m
Weight: 40KG

Too heavy? Why not try our Water-Filled Novus barriers, using water as a ballast these barriers are quick & easy to deploy & once filled with water weigh over 100KG!

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