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All Of The Palisade Fencing Prices Shown Below Are Based On 2.0mm Thick W Shaped Palisade Pales, With A Splayed Triple Head Palisade Point. Just Enter Your Requirements Into Our Palisade Fencing Pricing Calculator Below For A Full Costing 

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Palisade Fencing gives you an extremely cost effective and formidable permanent security barrier, which acts as a significant deterrent to intruders. It provides a valuable layer of protection for goods from damage or theft. All of our palisade fencing is manufactured in the UK and meets the toughest of demands. Quality is incredibly important when undertaking significant capital expenditure on a security fence that should last over 25 years. The last thing you want is to be replacing palisade fence panels after only 5 - 10 years. In order to make sure that all of the palisade we supply is top quality we have partnered with some of the UK largest and most trusted palisade manufacturers. By entering into long term relationships we can make sure that you get a quality palisade fencing product every time at unbeatably low prices. 

The prices shown above are based on 2mm thick pales, rolled into a W section with a triple point & splayed palisade pale head. Each palisade bay is Galvanised to BS EN ISO1461 as standard. We can then powder coat the palisade fencing to meet your requirements, offering two layers of protection. 

The finishes available are: 

  • Palisade Galvanised to BSEN ISO1461
  • Palisade Galvanised to BSEN ISO1461 & then Powder Coated to a colour of your choice. 

It is worth noting that all of our powder coated palisade rails, palisade pales and palisade posts are galvanised before they are powder coated. This means that our powder coated palisade fencing has two layers of protection against corrosion and rust. This gives the palisade fencing system a significantly longer life span, whilst also providing a clean and professional finish. If you would like your palisade fencing powder coated a different colour then just get in touch with a member of our team for a bespoke quote to suit your requirements. 

Each 2.75 meter Palisade Bay Contains: 

  • 17 No W Section Pales - each of these palisade pales is 2.0mm thick (other palisade pale gauges are available upon request). As standard, these palisade pales come with a Splayed Triple Point  head.
  • 1 No Excavated Post - these palisade posts are 100 x 55 IPE section dig-in posts as standard, but we can also supply bolt down palisade posts upon request. Please note that you may wish to order an extra post for the end of your palisade fencing run. 
  • 1 No Horizontal Palisade Top Rail - 50 x 50 x 5 RSA
  • 1 No Horizontal Palisade Bottom Rail - 50 x 50 x 5 RSA
  • 34 No M8 Bolts - Palisade Pale Fixings
  • 4 No M12 Cup Sq Bolts & Permacone Nuts 
  • 2 No Loose 30 x 5 RSF Palisade Fishplates 

All of our fencing systems are supplied with tamper resistant fixings.

Palisade Pales – the most popular form of palisade pale currently on the market is the W pale. It is called a W pale because the shape of the pale looks like a W compared to traditional rounded pale, which is referred to as a D pale. Due to its re-enforcing shape the W pale is more economical as you can get the same strength, whilst using lower gauge steel. This makes the palisade fence cheaper than one that uses the old-style D pale. Having said this the D pale palisade fence is still extremely popular in a few environments. D pale palisade fencing is commonly specified for government projects, such as around prisons and schools. It is also very important if you are repairing a palisade fence, or extending one, that you continue to use the same palisade pales, so that it does not look out of place. As most palisade fenced traditionally used D pales they continue to be popular for these types of fencing projects.  

Palisade Pale Heads – we most commonly supply palisade fencing with a triple point splayed head. This is because palisade fencing is most commonly used as a perimeter security fence. Therefore one of its main requirements is to deter and stop intruders. The triple point splayed pale head is the most effective at providing a high security fence line due to its fierce looking nature. The splayed sharp steel head is incredibly difficult & dangerous to climb over. We also offer rounded and round & notched pale heads upon request. These palisade pale heads are still sharp steel heads, that present a formidable fencing line, however they cover less of the fence line as they are not splayed.