Heavy Duty Walkthrough Barrier

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Heavy Duty Walkthrough Barrier
Heavy Duty Walkthrough Barrier with a re-enforced gate and heavy duty frame made from steel box section. The gate is spring loaded, making it self-closing, and the barriers is powder coated red to make it highly visible and defend it against corrosion.
Ex VAT: £79.99 Inc VAT: £95.99


These Heavy Duty Walkthrough Barriers are one of our newest products and have emerged out of the demand for a more durable Walkthrough Barrier. We have re-enforced the gate and made the frame out of a more durable square hollow section, rather than the traditional circular hollow section. Our heavy duty walkthrough crowd control barriers fit alongside both fixed leg pedestrian barrier and loose leg pedestrian barrier systems. 

 We manuifacture two other variations of walkthrough pedestrian barriers. The  advanced walkthrough crowd control barrier, includes a spring loaded gate and slam plate, but is made out of tube rather than square hollow section like the heavy duty walkthrough barrier. Alternately we have a cheaper basic walkthrough barrier, which does not have the bottom bar, spring loaded gate or slam plate included. 

Pedestrian Safety on Construction Sites

The movement of plant, vehicles and pedestrians presents a significant hazard on larger projects. Sites must be organised so that pedestrians and vehicles can move around safely. The routes around the site need to be suitable for the people and vehicles using them.

Simple but effective controls include:

  • separation of pedestrians from vehicle routes by fencing etc.
  • wide enough routes for the expected usage
  • routes positioned to allow easy access to work areas
  • steps to ensure safety at vehicle route crossing points
  • clearly marked routes that are well signed

Height: 2.0m
Width: 2.3m (with 990mm gap for pedestrian crossing point)
Finish: Painted Red (Standard) / Powder Coated Red (Extra)
Tube infills: 12.7mm dia circular hollow section


Hook and eye system for easily connecting Walkthrough barriers, directly to standard fixed and loose leg crowd control barriers. 

Split offset leg system adds stability and makes the barriers easy to stack together. 

Top tube punched, 15 infill bars spaced at 130mm intervals slotted in and welded to the bottom of the frame. 


If you would like these walkthrough crowd barriers painted another colour or powder coated then please get in touch and we should be able to help.