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Heavy Duty Pipe Trolley


Heavy Duty Pipe Trolley

A Heavy Duty Pipe Trolley used in the transportation of pipes, rods, and tubing. The four pairs of lateral supports on each leg allow for materials to be loaded safely. Perfect for warehouse use thanks to its 750kg maximum load capacity.
£245.00 £294.00

The Heavy Duty Pipe Trolley is a tried and tested, reliable means of relocating pipes, rods, tubes, and many other frequently used workplace materials.

Simple in design but perfect for its intended purpose, the Heavy Duty Pipe Trolley has two legs, each featuring eight lateral supports capable of holding typically shaped pipes.

The lateral supports each have a gap of 180mm between them, more than enough room for everyday tubes to be positioned perfectly. With a length of 335mm and a steel thickness of 2.5mm, the lateral supports on the Heavy Duty Pipe Trolley will hold items without buckling under the weight.

The legs present on the trolley are a permanent fixture. If your business requires a Pipe Trolley that can accommodate a wider variety of shapes or unconventional items, it's worth considering the Heavy Duty Pipe Trolley with Demountable Legs. This product is also available through Safe Fence.

The trolley can transport loads of up to 750kg when using the standard castors provided. Other castors are available for selection at an additional cost. When selecting the best option, always take into consideration the limitations of the castors, as weights are based upon loads that are evenly distributed across the trolley.

The standard castors are easy to maneuver with all wheels able to rotate a full 360°, allowing for the trolley to be used easily in environments that are difficult to navigate.

Intended for use in a vast array of industries, the Heavy Duty Pipe Trolley is known for use in the construction, demolition, warehousing, manufacturing, agriculture, horticulture, and retail sectors.

All Pipe Trolleys can be modified for specific purposes within reason. Standard Pipe Trolleys are all coated with a blue paint finish that is not intended to act as a protective coating. Powder coating and galvonised steel options are available and provide increased protection.

Not suitable for crane use.


Delivery times can vary and are stock dependant. Average delivery times are between 24 hours and 5 working days.

Height: 1300mm
Width: 1100mm
Depth: 700mm
Base/Corner Steel: 40mm X 40mm/ 50mm X 50mm Box Steel