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Plant Nappy - Spill Containment


Plant Nappy - Spill Containment

Plant Nappy contains spills and leaks from mobile plant & machinery. Unlike traditional metal drop trays the plant nappy does not retain water & so provides better environmental protection.
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Mobile plant and machinery sits on top of the plant nappy as it captures any drips of fuel or oil. The base of the plant nappy contains an oil soak filter, which means that the plant nappy captures any spillage. It's protected by a permeable layer which allows free passage of contaminates.

The side wall of the plant nappy are made from a permeable filter fabric. This is important when comparing the plant nappy against traditional metal drip trays and other spill containment equipment. These side walls allow water but not contaminants to pass through. This means that the oil and fuel is captured but the plant nappy does not need emptying after rainfall as the clean water disperses through the walls.

Furthermore the plant nappy can be placed on uneven ground with no performance loss & has the ability to hold up to 18ltrs of oil. Drip trays are often heavy & difficult to handle, unlike the plant nappy, which make spills and overflowing common.

We also offer Plant Nappy Liners which extend the products life.


  • Yellow top cover
  • Vinyl coated polyester mesh
  • Abrasion resistant, Oil & Chemical resistant
  • Temperature resistance, -20 to 107°C
  • UV resistant, melt point 157°C

Base Material

  • Woven Olefin fabric coated with Olefin resin
  • Stain, chemical and mildrew resistant
  • Polypropylene fibre & polyester yarn
  • High ratio of oil to fabric weight absorption
  • Non toxic & non hazardous


  • Small: 500mm x 685mm
  • Medium: 1000mm x 685mm
  • Large: 2000mm x 1370mm