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Plant Mat - Spill Containment


Plant Mat - Spill Containment

A cost effective & mobile way of containing oil, fuels spills & leakages from plant & machinery. The Plant Mat instantly begins to turn oils and fuels into a solid mass within the textile as soon as a spill or leak takes place. 
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The plant mat is the fastest solidifying product on the market & comes in three sizes & bespoke sizes upon request.

Small - 440mm x 625mm - Absorbency up to 3 Litres

Medium - 940mm x 625mm - Absorbency up to 6 Litres

Large - 1940mm x 1310mm - Absorbency up to 24 Litres


• The most cost effective polymer technology available
• Locks oils and fuels in place
• No leaching
• Robust construction
• Soliditex® Technology to offer superior performance
• Hi-Vis colour for easy identification
• Strategically placed loops for easy retrieval of the mat
• Effective when used independently or in conjunction with
the award winning PlantNappy®
• Clean water allowed to escape with as little as 2.6ppm
total hydrocarbons when used with a PlantNappy®
• Manufactured in the UK
• Bespoke sizes available
• Offering exceptional oil retention of up to 75 Litres