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Heavy Duty Platform Truck/Trolley


Heavy Duty Platform Truck/Trolley

Heavy Duty Platform Truck ideal for use in warehouses and on construction sites. A max capacity of 750kg allows the trolley to carry up to 30 bags of 25kg cement. Can accommodate abnormal loads due to its dimensions of 1150h X 1180w X 680d.
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Designed for use on various surfaces, the Heavy Duty Platform Truck allows the user to transport bulky or difficult to move items quickly with ease.

Thanks to its 2.5mm thick steel, the well-built trolley can move weights of up to 750kg, which is the equivalent of thirty 25kg bags of cement, making this heavy-duty platform truck a top performer in warehouse and construction yard environments.

A commonly used transportation device, the Heavy Duty Platform Truck is also suitable for use in other sectors such as manufacture, retail, agriculture, and events.

The standard platform truck design has been used for many years now, and it's safe to say the trolley will relocate large items with safety concerns kept to a minimum.

The simple yet sturdy handle keeps items in place while being used to direct the trolley. The castors attached to the base of the Heavy Duty Platform Truck can rotate 360° making movement even easier to control.

The Heavy Duty Platform Truck advertised on this page has set dimensions of 1150h X 1180w X 680d. However, we can supply these platform trolleys in various sizes, customised to your specific requirements.

Although this particular Platform Truck model is suitable for heavy duty use, it is not suitable to lift via crane.

The standard trolley comes with a soft ply base and a traditional blue finish that does not act as a protective coating. For higher grades of protection tailored to your specific needs, please contact the Safe Fence team to discuss the available options of powder coating or a galvanised finish.



Delivery times can vary and are stock dependant. Average delivery times are between 24 hours and 5 working days.

Height: 1150mm
Width: 1180mm
Depth: 680mm
Base/Corner Steel: 40mm X 40mm Box Steel