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Powder Coated Crowd Control Barriers - Fixed Leg


Powder Coated Crowd Control Barriers - Fixed Leg

Crowd Control Barriers Powder Coated To Any RAL Colour You Require Upon Request. These fixed leg crowd control barriers are 1.1m high & 2.3m in Length. They connect to one another using a simple hook & eye system.
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Our fixed leg crowd control barriers are some of the strongest on the market. As standard we supply galvanised crowd control barriers, but we can also offer crowd control barriers powder coated to any RAL number you need. This means that you can perfectly match your barriers to suit specific requirements, for instance colouring them differently for different areas & types of work, or alternately many people powder coat their crowd control barriers to match their corporate colours. 

Most commonly construction customers opt for a 50:50 split between 2.3 meter powder coated red & white crowd control barriers. As such we hold red & white coloured crowd barriers in stock & they are available on a next day delivery service. Lining these up gives a professional finish, but also a highly visible temporary fence line. Yellow is a popular colour also, specifically in the construction industry, they are used predominantly to highlight potential health & safety hazards. 

Some construction sites also divide their works up by using different coloured crowd control barriers to represent different areas of work. For instance you may use yellow crowd control barriers to highlight electrical works, blue barriers to represent ground & water works & then red barriers to show walkways. 

Powder coating the crowd control barriers black is extremely popular, particularly with events companies. The black barrier gloss finish is clean and the dark colour also means that the barriers do not stand out too much & blend into their environment. Green barriers are more popular for agricultural and outdoor events as once again these crowd barriers blend into their environment well & look less industrial. 

Powder coating pedestrian barriers leaves a smooth gloss finish. The powder coated crowd barrier finish is also more difficult to chip than painted pedestrian barriers and therefore means that the paint work is more durable and can stand the test of time. 

Height: 1.1m

Width: 2.3m / 2.5m

Weight: 14kg / 16kg

Tubular frame: 38.1mm dia / 1.2mm gauge circular hollow section

Tube infills: 12.7mm dia circular hollow section




Offset fixed legs to increase stability and strength of the barrier while making them easily stackable.

Hook and eye system make the barriers simple and easy to connect together.

Top of frame punched, infill bars slotted inside the frame and secured with weld.

One piece tubular frame reducing the number weak spots (only one piece barrier on the market).

Thicker gauge frame and legs increases the durability of the barrier.