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Powder Fire Extinguisher


Dry Powder Fire Extinguishers have been made for use on Class A combustible material, Class B flammable liquid and Class C flammable gas fires – they are great in setting where multiple fire risks are posed from numerous sources.

Powder Extinguishers are most effective against petrol and volatile liquids making them excellent for vehicle protection. They can also be used to deal with fires involving electrical equipment.

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Identified by its blue colour coding and made from quality aluminium cylinders, valves and discharge horn assemblies – we have various options available – Premium, Marine, Basic and Aerosol.

UK manufactured Premium Powder Extinguishers come with colour coded header labels, handles and bases which make it distinguishable and visually appealing on your premises. We offer corporate branding on our premium range to enhance brand awareness.

Our Marine Range of Extinguishers have been designed for safety at sea and are Marine Equipment Directive certified for offshore and shipping applications – they are commonly found at the ship wheel on vessels and boats.

Basic Extinguishers require easy maintenance with servicing and refilling being carried out quickly and with ease.

The easily accessible Aerosol extinguishers are perfect for domestic and leisure use on kitchen, barbecue and cooking fires. They are UK manufactured and can extinguish up to 15 litres in capacity. Each extinguisher comes with a mounting bracket included and is certified to BS6165. 


LPCB and Kitemark certified to BS EN3 and CE marked.

600g BC Powder:

Fire rating: 21B | C

Operating temperature: -20°C to +50°C

Average discharge time: 6 secs

Range of discharge: 2-3 metres

Height: 264mm

Diameter: 59mm

Weight (with bracket): 0.74kg


600g ABC Powder:

Fire rating: 3A | 21B | C

Operating temperature: -20°C to +50°C

Average discharge time: 6 seconds

Range of discharge: 2-3 metres

Height: 287mm

Diameter: 66mm

Weight (with bracket): 0.76kg


950g BC Powder:

Fire rating: 34B | C

Operating temperature: -20°C to +50°C

Average discharge time: 6 secs

Range of discharge: 2-3 metres

Height: 287mm

Diameter: 66mm

Weight (with bracket): 1.11kg



Fire rating: 5A | 34B | C

Average discharge time: 6secs

Height: 330mm

Diameter: 85mm

Filled weight: 1.96kg

Carton size (H x W x D): 360 x 135 x 90mm

BS EN3 Certified



Fire rating: 13A | 70B

Average discharge time: 9.5 secs

Height: 391mm

Diameter: 108mm

Filled weight: 3.2kg

Empty weight: 1.2kg

Carton size (H x W x D): 393 x 159 x 117mm



Fire rating: 21A | 113B | C

Average discharge time: 12.9 secs

Height: 411mm

Diameter: 160mm

Filled weight: 6.95kg

Empty weight: 2.9kg

Carton size (H x W x D): 415 x 175 x Depth 175mm



Fire rating: 27A | 183B | C

Average discharge time: 16.1 secs

Height: 517mm

Diameter: 160mm

Filled weight: 9.55kg

Empty weight: 3.5kg

Carton size (H x W x D): 529 x 177 x 177mm



Fire rating: 43A | 233B | C

Average discharge time: 16.7 secs

Height: 552mm

Diameter: 189mm

Filled weight: 13.6kg

Empty weight: 4.5kg

Carton size (H x W x D): 549 x 205 x 205mm


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