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Stockboard - Reusable Floor Protection Tile


Stockboard - Reusable Floor Protection Tile

A 100% recyclable floor protection system that provides protection against damage for flooring surfaces during internal construction and building projects. Due to its durability this product is long lasting and can be used repeatedly as a cost-effective long-term solution when compared to traditional floor protection solutions. With its anti-slip grip this floor shield is a powerful addition providing support and on-site safety. Boards are 700mm x 700mm and 6mm thick.

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The Reusable Floor Protection Tile is the ultimate indoor floor protection that construction sites need to protect their projects. Made of durable 100% recycled plastic Stokbord this reusable floor tile provides a protection system that ensures no damage is made to sensitive flooring such as garage floors, block paving and concrete flooring. With it's tough exterior our Reusable Floor Protection Tile provides the same quality protection as individual/one-time use floor protection tiles time & time again, giving an eco-friendly, less waste & re-usable alternative for our customers.

Splinter proof and rot resistant, the Reusable Floor Protection Tile is a superior floor protection system that ensures protection from potential pedestrian and vehicle damage. Simple to install, the floor shield uses male and female connectors and a unique design feature that allows for thermal expansion during use.

Product Uses:

  • Protecting Garage floors
  • Covering Block paving
  • Preventing damage to Concrete flooring
  • Maintaining decorative surfaces (including ceramic tiles, wood, and laminate)
  • Indoor coverage of temporary car park spaces and parking compounds

Product Features:

  • Made from 100% recycled plastic
  • Reusable and durable material - Stokbord
  • Splinter proof and rot resistant
  • Protects potential pedestrian and vehicle damage
  • Anti-slip floor protection system

Product Performance

PropertyValueUnitsTest Method
Compressive Strength110MPaBS EN ISO 604:2003
Compressive Modulus243MPaBS EN ISO 604:2003
Tensile Strength at Yield10.8MPaBS EN ISO 527:1996
Tensile Strength at Break10.4MPaBS EN ISO 527:1996
Tensile Elongation at Yield176%BS EN ISO 527:1996
Tensile Elongation at Break186%BS EN ISO 527:1996
Tensile Modulus316MPaBS EN ISO 527:1996
Flexural Strength10.8MPaBS EN ISO 178:2010
Flexural Modulus299MPaBS EN ISO 178:2010
Thermal Expansion1.8Mm/m/10oC
Impact Resistance28.6kJ/m2BS EN ISO 179-1
Water Absorption0.44Wt %BS EN ISO 62-1999
Density0.96g/cm2BS EN ISO 1183-1:2004
Slip resistance (wet conditions)32Moderate RiskBS 7976-2:2002

Thermal Movement

Ambient Temp oCPotential for Expansion per
1 m
Potential for contraction
per 1 m

Note: The following table assumes the following:
- Service temperature range of -10oC to +35oC
- Thermal expansion and contraction up to 2.0mm/ 1m / 10oC
- Product is conditioned to ambient temperature prior to installation

Chemical Resistance

MaterialsResistance to chemical attack 20CResistance to chemical attack 60CComments
Sea WaterGoodGood
Common Detergents
Sodium Chloride
(common salt)
Diesel oilGoodLimitedTests refer to 'full immersion'
Petroleum (Gasoline)LimitedNot SatisfactoryTests refer to 'full immersion'
Alcohol (40% ethanol)GoodLimitedTests refer to 'full immersion'
Alkalis and acidsGood

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