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Removal Ramp


The Alloy Removal Ramp is a two-piece ramp with a supporting leg in the middle which is connected by a shoot bolt to connect each ramp together to add stability and security when loading items from ground level to your vehicle at height.

Removal Ramps have been designed with an aluminium serrated flooring surface for added grip when loading your vehicle.

This industry standard ramp has four standard sizes available although can be ordered bespoke.

As low as £836.40 £1,003.68
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Slip-resistant Flooring

Long lasting and durable

Load tested with SWL rating of 750kg with option to increase load based on your needs



Two ramp hooks are located at the end of the ramp which are hooked onto the sill of your vehicle – they each rest in place to add stability to the ramp when you start transporting goods to load the vehicle.

When attaching the first section of the ramp to the vehicle, ensure the leg is locked into position as it locks at a 90 degree and the metal bar will hold it in position. Once the first ramp is attached to the vehicle make sure the legs are locked in place to attach the second ramp.

When finished using the ramp and it is dismantled, you can lock the legs in position by using the shoot bolt to secure the legs.

If your vehicle comes with a dropwell, our ramps can be easily utilised for both rear and side access.


Safe Fence are nationwide suppliers of standard and bespoke Access and Alloy Ramp Systems with our solutions maintaining safety and compliance standards for every type of industry sector. Our Ramps have all been manufactured in the UK from quality raw materials for safe and durable solutions.

We offer bespoke solutions for all of our Alloy Ramps to meet whatever requirements you may have – these products are popular in Events, Medical and Removals sectors. We have Container Loading Ramps, Removal Ramps and Folding Van Ramps all available in our range.


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