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RetractaPosts (Padlockable)


Cost-effective and easy to install, the Padlockable RetractaPosts available via Safe Fence are perfect for use on car parks, commercial and domestic properties, and many other business locations.

The Padlockable RetractaPosts provide high levels of security, providing a barrier against unwanted vehicle access that is capable of withstanding the worst weather conditions the UK has to offer.
The presence of unwanted vehicles in business, construction, and domestic environments has become an issue that can have implications on the overall health and safety of a location. Alongside this, many sites are not insured to cover the attendance of the general public or individuals who shouldn't be on site.
The Padlockable Posts available online via Safe Fence should always be considered as the first line of defence against unwanted trespassers, preventing vehicle users from entering restricted areas.
The Padlockable and Retractable Posts raise and lower vertically, with an underground container compartment used to encase the post when not in use. Once lowered into the underground compartment, the Retractable-Post can be covered by the integral lid, protecting the Padlockable Retracta Post from damage and preventing the compartment from filling with water or debris.
Once raised to prevent vehicle access, the Padlockable Retracta-Post can be padlocked in place using a padlock. To padlock the Padlockable-RetractaPost in place, once in the raised position, the post must be rotated 45° before padlocking between the post to the lid.
The Padlockable RetractaPost does not come supplied with a padlock, however, the RetractaPost can be used with most padlocks available for purchase.
Commonly used in business, construction, retail, garages, and many other industries that have a large presence of vehicles on site, the Retracta Post comes highly recommend by industry peers having proved its high levels of effectiveness across multiple industries.
Available in two height options, the Padlockable Retracta Posts can be purchased in 500 or 745 versions. The 500 option raises to 500 mm above the ground whereas the 745 version raises to 745 mm above ground.
Each version should be installed using the correct installation procedure, ensuring the following procedure is adhered to:
The Padlockable Posts should not be placed further than 1200 mm apart in order to prevent vehicle access, any further apart and vehicles will still be able to access the site via the remaining gaps.
When preparing the ground for the installation of the Retracta-Posts, the hole created should accommodate the specific model with each option requiring different dimensions. The 500 model requires a hole that is approximately 900 mm deep with a 300 mm diameter, whereas the 745 model requires a hole that is approximately 1200 mm deep with a 300 mm diameter.
Suitable drainage options must be installed at the bottom of the hole using chippings or similar to ensure the compartment can drain correctly.
The top or uppermost 3-400 mm of the hole should be filled with concrete in order to safely and efficiently hold the Padlockable RetractaPost in place, enabling it to provide resistance against oncoming vehicles.
The lid of the post must remain no more than 10 mm above the finished floor level. This is to avoid any potential issues that could arise from driving over the post once in a retracted position.
Once installed correctly, the Padlockable RetractaPosts are guaranteed to last up to 12 months if they are used as intended and are not influenced by vehicle impact.
Available in stainless steel or galvanised finish upon request.

RetractaPost 500
Height above ground (Fully raised): 500 mm
Height beneath ground: 760 mm

RetractaPost 745
Height above ground (Fully Raised): 745 mm
Height beneath ground: 1010 mm

Delivery times can vary and are stock dependant. Average delivery times are between 24 hours and 5 working days.

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