Road Barrier Stillage

Road Barrier Stillage

Plastic Road Barrier Stillages are purposely designed to maximise storage potential. Made with re-enforced box section steel the central bar is ideal for forklifts and transportation- you can guarantee the safe storage for a range of Chapter 8 and Plastic Road Barriers. These are manufactured in the UK, ensuring that they meet the highest quality standards. Safe Fence's Road Barrier stillages are designed to ensure maximum storage, stability and with options for 20,30 and 40 barriers these can be manufactured to bespoke sizes to accommodate larger quantities in storage.

Price From: Ex VAT: £109.50 Inc VAT: £131.40
Price From: Ex VAT: £109.50 Inc VAT: £131.40


Road Barrier stillages are commonly used for transporting & storing plastic barriers. Our Road Barrier stillages are lightweight and stackable. With the option for 20, 30 and 40 capacity these Plastic Road Barrier stillages work well on Construction sites when space is tight and storage must be maximised. They are made to make life easy when transporting your barriers you can access with a forklift due to the double bar system in the middle of the stillage. You can easily stack pallets on top of one another allowing you to maximise your vital storage space on site or in your yard. The Solid Road Barrier stillages that we supply have a safe working load of 1.5 tonnes each and can be stacked up to 2 stillages high.


20 Barrier Stillage: 

Height - 1150mm
Width - 935mm
Depth - 935mm
Weight - 30kg

30 Barrier Stillage:

Height - 1700mm
Width - 935mm
Depth - 935mm
Weight - 35kg

40 Barrier Stillage

Height - 2220mm 
Width - 935mm
Depth - 935mm
Weight - 40kg


The benefits of being able to manage your Site Storage makes these stackable Plastic Barrier Stillages a key piece of kit on any building site, construction site and extremely useful for managing your own stock as a supplier or manufacture of plastic traffic management products.

With a range of capacity options and colours Safe Fence's Road Barrier Stillages are designed to protect your plastic barriers with a close stacking system which allows the Plastic Barriers to sit on top of each other with limited movement. Whilst using Plastic Road Barrier Stillages has its benefits in terms of storage, the stillages also ensure that your Plastic Barriers are less likely to get lost at the end of a site clearance. We offer standard colour schemes to help with site clearances and waste management programmes.


Our Road Barrier Stillages are manufactured in the United Kingdom using 50mm x 50mm x 2.5mm Hot Rolled Square Hollow Section Steel.
Each Road Barrier Stillage weighs between 30-40kg
Square pallet feet allow the post pallets to be stacked on top of one another.