Scaffolding Stillages

Scaffolding Stillages
Scaffolding stillages, also known as post pallets, are re-enforced with a central bar & ideal for the safe storage and transportation of items such as scaffolding tube. They are manufactured in the UK, meaning that they meet the highest quality standards. These scaffolding stillages also stack directly on top of one another allowing you to maximise your storage space.
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Stillages are commonly used in the scaffolding industry for storing tube. Our scaffolding stillages, otherwise known as post pallets, are lightweight, while being able to carry significant amounts of material. This makes them perfect for helping to transport your materials easily with forklift and pallet handling equipment. You can easily stack pallets on top of one another allowing you to maximise your vital storage space on site or in your yard.


  • 935mm Outside - Outside 
  • 835mm Inside - Inside 
  • 650mm Base - Top 
  • 500mm Internal Height

The solid scaffolding stillages that we supply have a safe working load of 1.5 tonnes each and can be stacked up to 6 stillages high. 

Scaffolding stillages are easily transported when they are empty as the pallets can be stacked circularly within each another. Once the scaffolding stillages are filled, most commonly with scaffolding tube, the pallets can then be stacked on top of one another. 

We also offer steel fitting bins, which are most commonly bought alongside these scaffolding stillages. These steel scaffolding bins are most commonly used for storing and transporting scaffolding fititings whereas the scaffold pallets are used for storing and transporting scaffold tubes. 

Our scaffolding post pallets are manufactured in the United Kingdom using 50mm x 50mm x 2.5mm Hot Rolled Square Hollow Section Steel.
Each post pallet weighs between 20 - 25kg.
Square post pallet feet allow the post pallets to be stacked on top of one another.