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High Security Temporary Fencing

This temporary fencing system is the worlds first LPS 1175 Security Rated Temporary Fencing System. Certified and tested to BS EN 1991 standards for wind, able to withstand speeds of more than 100mph. This fencing system is designed with Anti-climb panels and galvanised mesh panels that prevent scaling.

One of the worlds first LPS 1175 Security Rated Temporary Fencing System, this fencing system offers a guaranteed minimum delay against attacks of at least 60 seconds against a range of tools, making it a heavy-duty solid structure for any construction site. LPS standing for Loss Prevention Standard is one of the many certifications given to high quality temporary fencing to ensure it is effective in delaying and detecting attackers, deterring intruders and responds well to an attack.

The 1175 standard individually focusses on the physical security aspects of intruder resistant building components, which includes security enclosures, free standard barriers, strong points, and any product that can physically protect a space such as doors, shutters and fencing. Having a temporary fencing system with these qualities ensures that your spaces will be protected safely and securely.

Available at 2.4m this system has a foundation free installation, making it easy to set up and dismiss swiftly. This is due to the patented cantilever base which is BS EN 1991 tested for wind loading, making it able to withstand wind speeds more than 100mph.

The complete system is built with a hidden fixing system which means there are no external fixings to the attack face, allowing a sleek and sophisticated appearance of the temporary fencing. Other features of this temporary fencing include 76.2 x 12.5mm mesh aperture Anti-climb panels which prevent unauthorised scaling of your site and anti-trip external hazards which ensure a safe and secure site preventing accidents.

This Fencing System is best suited for these scenarios:

  • Utilities
  • Airports
  • Ports
  • Compounds
  • High Security Mobile Zones
  • Crime Scenes

Manufactured to ISO 9001:2015 and conforming to BS 1722 Part 14 for open mesh steel panel fences. The system comes with a 15 year manufacturers guarantee against defects.

Safe Fence stock a wide-range of Temporary Mesh Fencing, Acoustic Barriers, Tree Protection Fencing & Accessories conforming to all required safety specifications and regulations.

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