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Simple Bike Shelter


Bike Racks have been designed to accommodate many bikes for cycle storage in public spaces and outdoor settings making them ideal for parking large numbers of bicycles. Bike Racks are fixed to the floor and based on the nationwide favourite Sheffield Stand.

Cycle Racks have been designed as Sheffield Cycle Stands welded at 800mm centres to floor fixed box-section rails and are suitable for all types of environments where high-density cycle parking is required.

Each Rail holds 2 bikes.

As low as £1,325.00 £1,590.00
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Cycle Shelters are a popular and durable storage option to provide protection against harsh weather conditions such as UV rays, strong winds, rain and hailstorm that can damage bikes outdoors.



  • Height: 2434mm front, 1380mm back
  • Depth: 2588mm
  • 76mm round and 50mm square galvanised steel tube
  • 4mm clear PETG sheet


Safe Fence supply a wide range of Street Furniture for outdoor settings and public spaces including Outdoor Seating, Smoking Shelters and Litter Bins. In our range of Cycle Shelters, we have the ever-popular Sheffield Bike Stands, Bike Racks and Bike Shelters.


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