Speed Bump Kits - 10mph

Speed Bump Kits - 10mph

50mm Speed Bumps are designed to slow traffic down to a maximum speed of 10Mph. Fit with cats eyes and a chequered pattern for extra grip, these heavy duty speed ramps are easily fixed to the floor with bolts (not supplied). 

Price From: Ex VAT: £16.85 Inc VAT: £20.22
Price From: Ex VAT: £16.85 Inc VAT: £20.22


Speed bumps are designed to slow down traffic to ensure the safety of pedestrians and other road users. Our range of speed bumps are particularly popular on private roads & car parks to ensure that traffic travels at a sensible and orderly speed. By creating an obstacle speed bumps can effectively slow down traffic without creating a potential danger or hazard. 

These 50mm high speed bumps are designed to slow traffic down to a maximum recommended speed of 10Mph. They are supplied in 500mm black and yellow sections with 210mm end caps. Using these sections you can build the speed bump to your required length and fit it to the floor simply by using M10 bolts (not supplied) through the fixing location holes. All of our speed bumps come fit with cats eyes (white), which make them visible to road users of a night time. 

Our speed bumps also come fit with a chequered pattern. This pattern gives the speed bumps extra grip to make sure that pedestrian and vehicles can pass over them safely in poor weather conditions. 


50mm Ramp

  • Height : 50mm
  • Depth: 425mm
  • Width: 500mm
  • Weight 7.8KG
  • End Cap Length: 210mm
  • End Cap Weight 2.2Kg
  • Bolt Size: 12mm X 4
  • Recommended Speed: 10Mph