Road Form Stakes Storage Bin

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Road Form Stakes Storage Bin

Steel Fitting Bins - 935mm x 935mm x 650mm - are most commonly used in the construction industry & industrial environments for storing and transporting fixtures and fittings. They are commonly used for storing and trnasporting road form stakes to ensure that they aren't lost inbetween projects. 

Ex VAT: £82.50 Inc VAT: £99.00


Solid steel fitting bins are used for the storage and trnasportation of fixtures and fittings, such as road form stakes. 

  • 935mm Outside - Outside 
  • 835mm Inside - Inside 
  • 650mm Base - Top 

Our solid steel fitting bins are manufactuered using 2.5mm hot rolled square hollow section and 1.5mm thick steel sheets. The specially designed feet also allow for the square fitting bin posts to be stacked ontop of one another, maximising the storage in your yard. 

The solid steel fitting bins that we supply have a safe working load of 1.5 tonnes each and can be stacked upto 6 bins high. 

We also offer scaffolding stillages, which are most commonly bought alongside these steel fitting bins. These steel scaffold pallets are mainly used for storing and transporting steel tubes, whereas the steel bins are used for the fixtures and fittings.