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Steel Wall In-Ground Corner Posts

Heavy Duty Corner Posts For The Steel Wall Hoarding System
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SteelWall in-ground corner posts come in two forms, external corner posts and internal corner posts. These two varieties can be customised to suit your SteelWall Hoarding system depending on the height and finish required.

Both internal and external SteelWall corner posts are easily connected to your SteelWall hoarding panels using simple top hat fixings (6 per corner post). 

Corner plate: 3.0mm x 300mm x post length - bent at a 90 degree angle 

Posts: 60.0mm x 40.0mm x 3.0mm


In-ground corners posts sit 600mm in the ground. 

As such they are: 

  • 2.0 meter post is 2.6 meters (600mm in ground)
  • 2.4 meter post is 3.0 meters (600mm in ground)


We advise using 6 fititngs (top hats) to each SteelWall corner post. Please note that these are sold sperately. 

What is the difference between a SteelWall internal and a SteelWall external post?

An external post faces outwards, whereas an internal post faces inwards. As standard a square compound for instance would have four external posts, on in each of the corners. You will only require internal posts in the semi-permanent fencing system you are installing at some point turns back in on its self. In this case you want an internal, rather than external, post in order to keep the image presented to the public (those on the outside of the fencing system) consistent.