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Temporary Ground Mats - 80+ Tonnes


Temporary Ground Mats - 80+ Tonnes

EuroTrak mats (2400mm x 1200mm) are one of the best value for money ground protection & access mats on the market and can take weights up to 80 tonnes, although we advise running up to 50 tonnes on medium to soft stable ground. These durable, heavy duty ground mats have a unique surface, with one side being designed as a non-slip surface for pedestrians and the other as a non-skid deep traction surface for vehicles. These ground protection mats are commonly used for moving large machinery and vehicles over soft ground in construction environments and at large events such as festivals.
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We believe our Vehicle Ground Protection mats is the best value for money ground mat available in the UK. At under £100.00 it can carry an incredible 80+ tonnes of weight. These ground protection mats are commonly used for aiding in the movement of heavy machinery and vehicles. Our ground protection mats have two unique surfaces, one which is a non-slip surface, allowing for pedestrians to maximise their grip. The other surface is has a deeper traction system, which is ideal for the movement of vehicles and machinery over the ground mats. 

There are several ways to connect these mats together. They come fit with handle holes on each side of the mat. These make them easy for carrying and plaing in place. You can then use our connectors with steel plates to connect the mats together by coming up through each of these handle holes on the mats as they lay next to each other. The steel cap on these connectors is then simply screwed down to hold the mats in place. These connectors hold the mats firmly in place, however people do also often use heavy duty cable ties to hold the mats together. These are less rigid than the connectors and allow more movement in the mats, however these offer a great cost effective solution if the mats are being installed and then uninstalled over a short period of time. 

Key Features 

  • Size –2.4m x 1.2m x 15mm 
  • Material – 100% recycled polyethylene 
  • Weight – 44kg per mats 
  • 6 Hand holes for easy handling and installation 
  • Maximum weight loading – 80+ tonnes (depending on ground conditions) 
  • Unique ‘non-slip’ surface for optimal grip along with additional pedestrian surface 
  • Unique Hand Hole Connectors 
  • Avoids health and safety issues 
  • Avoids property, heritage and environmental damage and reinstatement 
  • Avoids vehicles becoming bogged down 
  • Low transportation and handling costs 
  • Various connection options for different ground conditions and equipment 
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