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Tree Protection Fencing – Heras & Stabiliser


Our Heras & Stabiliser Tree Protection Fencing option is an easily installed and cost effective way to safely secure a perimeter for trees in your area. It requires Temporary Mesh Fencing Panels set up and are supported using Rubber Block Fence Feet, Fence Clips with Stabilisers and Ground Pins.

Simply input the length of the Tree Protection Fencing you require for your project and our calculator will provide a pricing and component breakdown for you instantly.

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Heras & Stabiliser Tree Protection is our most cost effective solution. It is lightweight and easy to deploy and must be used on soft ground using Ground Pins. It is less complex to install compared to our Scaffold Tube and Timber Post Protection Fencing, however it is those options are more robust. Heras Protection Fencing tends to be used on smaller projects with less red tape.

Our Heras Tree Protection Fencing is made up of the following components:

  • Anti-Climb Heras Mesh Fence Panel – 3.5m wide and 2.0m tall round top corner fencing panels. These fence panels are excellent for temporarily securing a perimeter being lightweight, portable and cheap.
  • Rubber Block Fence Feet – 18kg Blocks made from recycled PVC to provide ground support to your Mesh Fence Panels.
  • Standard Clips – also known as Couplers, these steel clips will secure your fencing panels together to provide outstanding support.
  • Fencing Stabilisers – offering greater support to your Tree Protection Fencing perimeter which come with location holes to allow you to insert ground pins to hold the base plate into soft ground.
  • Ground Pins – designed to strongly connect stabilisers directly into the grass.
  • Heavy Duty Cable Ties – used on the steel bar's of connecting panels to further reinforce the strength of your fencing line.


Using 2m Welded Mesh Panels with Rubber Block Fence Feet should provide adequate protection from cars, vans, pedestrians and manually operated plant. The mesh fence panels should be joined together using a minimum of two anti-tamper couplers and installed so they can be only removed from inside the fence. The distance between your fence couplers should be at least 1m apart and should be uniform through the fence.

Panels should be supported on the inner side by stabiliser struts which should normally be attached to a base plate which is secured using ground pins. A Block Tray should be used to support your fencing system on hard ground surfaces as it will be unfeasible to use ground pins.



Tree Protection Fencing is essential for effectively preserving trees on your site. Many activities and operations can cause severe damage to trees such as exposure of wood tissue, crushing of roots, damage to roots through excavations and chemical spillages. 

This type of protection fencing is crucial when working in the vicinity of trees and hedges – fencing lines must be erected where the integrity of these trees are being compromised. This boundary creates a safe exclusion zone around the tree or to prevent an accidental collision with the protected tree.

Tree Protection Fencing is carried out in accordance with BS5837 (Trees in Relation to Design, Demolition and Construction) which is in place for all local authorities to consider the protection of trees potentially in danger due to work developments on-site. Trees and surrounding areas that must be protected in the area will be specified in the Tree Protection Plan which must be in place before any work takes place on-site. 

Tree Protection Fencing must protect the entirety of the tree – including the root system, trunk, bark, branches, tissue and surrounding soil from damage, compaction and contamination.


Installation, Buy Back & Site Clearance

We provide On-Site Installation, Site Clearance and Buy Back on ALL materials and for your Tree Protection project in accordance with BS 5837. Contact our team via phone 0121 725 2338, email or use our live chat feature between 8:00am & 17:00pm for assistance.


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Contact our team via phone 0121 725 2338, email use our live chat feature between 8:00am & 17:00pm for help discovering our range.

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