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Tree Protection Fencing


Tree Protection Fencing is essential for preserving trees on your site. Many activities and operations can cause severe damage to trees such as exposure of wood tissue, crushing of roots, damage to roots through excavations and chemical spillages. 

This type of protection fencing is crucial when working in the vicinity of protected trees – fencing lines must be erected where the integrity of these trees are being compromised. This boundary creates a safe exclusion zone around the tree or to prevent an accidental collision with the protected tree.

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The protection of trees can be a late consideration for developers during the construction phases of development but it is of considerable importance. All parts of the tree – root system, trunk and branches surrounding soil – can be damaged by construction and development activities including:

  • Excavation – including cut and fill
  • Soil Compaction – construction vehicle movements or material storage
  • Mechanical Trenching for footings or services
  • Sealing of surfaces with impermeable materials

Tree protection is achieved by enclosing the area to create a Tree Protection Zone. All fences and protective measures must be set up before development and construction begins including demolition, soil stripping or storage of building materials on site.