Transit Crowd Barrier

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Transit Crowd Barrier
Stackable Two-Piece Steel Crowd Control Barrier - We Advise Purchasing One More Flat Metal Feet Then The Number Of Barriers You Want To Buy
Ex VAT: £17.99 Inc VAT: £21.59
Ex VAT: £17.99 Inc VAT: £21.59


The stackable two-piece Transit Barrier is the only one of its kind on the market. The design is Patent Protected and the product is manufactured right here in the UK. 

Made of 1.2mm thick steel it is a durable and robust barrier, however, it's unique design allows it to break into two pieces. This helps to halve your transportation costs and maximise your storage space. The sizing of the two halves allows for it to be easily stacked and secured onto pallets for transportation, whilst also being able to stack onto one another once in storage. 

These collapsible barriers easily connect to one another using a simple but effective hook and eye system. The flat metal feet, also supplied by Safe Fence, allow for you to stabilise the barriers in place. You will typically need the same number of metal feet as barriers, plus and an extra one, as the feet are shared between the two barriers at each end. 

  1.  Transit crowd barrier fully assembled and ready for use – this barrier is the ultimate crowd control tool, incorporating an easy to build, easy to store and easy to transport design. The design and balance of the barrier once pieced together make it incredibly strong and creates a secure but simple connection. 
  1. The transit crowd barrier is broken down easily into two equal halves. Simply pull the top rails that slot into each other apart. 
  1. Our pedestrian transit barrier features an easy to use pop button system on the lower rail –  the pop button on the bottom of the crowd barrier is a very simple and secure method of locking the guard rail into place.
  1. After pulling the top rails apart, while holding them level simply lean down and push the button on the lower rail of the barrier and slide the rails apart as they unlock. 
  1. Once the transit crowd barrier has been fully dissembled they can be easily stacked onto each other ready to be transported and stored. 
  1. Our crowd barriers stack easily onto standard pallets and can be transported using a forklift or pull truck.




Height: 1000mm

Width: 2150mm

Weight: 9kg 

Finish: Galvanised to BS EN 10244-2 standard

Tubular frame: 38.1mm dia / 1.2mm gauge circular hollow section 

Tube infills: 14 x 12.7mm dia circular hollow section 

Name plate: 130mm x 98mm 



The two-pieces are stackable on a standard European Pallet (120cm x 120cm). 

Push button clip located on the bottom of the barrier makes for easy release and quick assembly. 

Swaged tube allows the one half of the barrier to connect inside of the other half, resulting in a robust pedestrian barrier once assembled.

A simple hook and eye system makes the assembled pedestrian barriers easy to connect to one another.

Flat metal feet also maximise storage and make for easy transportation and assembly.