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Underground Potable Water Tanks


The Underground Potable Water Tank is an excellent solution for potable water storage in commercial, domestic and agricultural environments. These Underground Water Tanks come rotationally moulded from high quality WRAS approved MDPE (Medium Density Polyethyelene), which meet the requirements of BS 6920-1:2000.

Manufactured and tested according to rigorous ISO 9001:2015 quality standards and will not contaminate water stored in the tank.

Design and manufactured in the UK.

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Water Tanks under 10,000 Litres are ideal to be used under decking and come complete with lifting lugs for easy manoeuvring. Multiple tanks can be connected together using up to 4" Outlet Pipes.

Large Water Tanks with a capacity over 10,000 Litres have been designed to be lifted and manoeuvred only when empty and should never contain water when doing so. These tanks should be unloaded, moved and lowered into position by attaching lifting chains and D-Shackles or lifting straps around the tank.

Large Water Tanks are fully encased in concrete and have been designed to take pedestrian traffic only – if the tank is required to carry traffic, a structural engineer's design is required. When installing, the top of the tank must not finish any more than 500mm below ground level. Without a structural engineer's design, the tank must not be located adjacent to foundations, raised banks, patios or walls.

At Safe Fence, we supply a range of connections and fittings suitable for agricultural, commercial and domestic applications:

  • Water Pump – electronically controlled, pressure-sensitive, submersible, centrifugal, roto-dynamic pump with no reciprocating parts.
  • Float Valve & Float – these control the filling of a tank so that it can be flushed.
  • Byelaw Kit – components designed to protect the water in a tank from contamination.
  • Valves – robust brass valves which are excellent for isolating equipment from your install for maintenance.




H x D


5600L 2250mm x 2150mm 170kg 600mm Lid
7000L 2200mm x 2150mm 240kg 450mm Lid
10,000L 2370mm x 2700mm 180kg 600mm Lid
15,000L 2900mm x 2700mm 360kg 600mm Lid


At Safe Fence, we have a range of Water Storage products which includes Potable and Non-Potable Tanks up to 25,000Las well as WRAS-approved Tanks, Insulated Water Tanks and Brine Tanks which are excellent solutions for industrial, agricultural and domestic use.


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