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Safe Mesh Pedestrian Gates


V Mesh Pedestrian Gates - 1.2m wide & available in a range of heights & colours. This mesh pedestrian gate comes with a slide latch for locking and dig-in posts which can be concreted in-ground. 

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Safe Mesh pedestrian gates are available in a variety of height sizes and, as standard, are 1.2 meters wide. Our V Mesh pedestrian gates are also supplied with dig-in posts, which can be concreted in-ground to keep the gate in place. However if you are looking for a bolt down gate post or bespoke size mesh gate them we can manufacture these V Mesh gates to order. Please just reach out to our sales team for a price and lead time. 

Our pedestrian gates are single leaf, unlike a vehicle gate which is double leaf. This means that there is only one V Mesh gate door, which is connected to one of the posts. In comparison a vehicle gate has two leafs, one connected to each gate post, that meet in the middle of the gate. 

Pedestrian gates are closed and locked using a slide latch feature that is standard on all of our pedestrian gates. This means that when you close the gate, there is a latch on the one side of the gate that slides into the gate post on the other side & locks the gate shut.