Vehicle Gate - Stock Heavy Duty Gates

Vehicle Gate - Stock Heavy Duty Gates
5.0m x 2.4m (Painted Black) Heavy Duty In-Ground Vehicle Gates Available From Stock On A Next Day Delivery.
Ex VAT: £745.00 Inc VAT: £894.00


A heavy-duty in-ground vehicle gate with a welded mesh wire infill. All of our heavy duty vehicle gates come fit with dig-in posts & adjustable eye-bolts to connect the gate leafs directly to the posts. The vehicle gate posts sit 600mm in-ground (the gate posts can be made 1000mm if required) and are easily connected to the vehicle gate leaf frames using a simply eyebolt system. This eyebolt system is adjustable allowing you to amend the height of the gate leafs to fit the contour of the ground.

Most construction and building sites opt for painted vehicle gates on a price point, however painting does not provide a perfect finish and this can run and/or chip. Powder coating is a much superior finish and is suggested where aesthetics is important. To see our full range of mesh heavy duty vehicle gates, which range from 4.0m - 6.0m wide in various finish then please click here: Mesh Heavy Duty Vehicle Gates.


  • Frames are made up of 60 x 40 x 2.0mm Hot Rolled Square Hollow Section.
  • Posts are made up of 100 x 100 x 4.0mm Hot Rolled Square Hollow Section.
  • The vehicle gate posts sit 600mm in-ground, subsequently they are 600mm longer than the size of the vehicle gate e.g. a 2.4 meter high vehicle gate will come with 3.0 meter vehicle gate posts. 
  • The posts and vehicle gate frame are connected using an eyebolt system.
  • All of our heavy duty construction site vehicle gates come with a slide bolt allowing you to secure them shut and maximise site security.