Water Fill Traffic Barrier (Heavy Duty) - Red

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Water Fill Traffic Barrier (Heavy Duty) - Red

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Every other 1 meter water filled traffic barrier on the market can only be filled to the seam line because of the way that they are manufactured. That gives them a maximum weight capacity of around 20 - 28kg. Unlike its competitors his heavy-duty water filled barrier has a re-enforced seam allowing it to be filled with much more water. The result is an incredibly & unrivalled 55kg water filled barrier!

£26.99 Excl. VAT Incl. VAT: £32.39
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£26.99 Excl. VAT Incl. VAT: £32.39


This newly designed water filled road traffic barrier is unique in the way its been designed and can rotate a full 90 degrees enabling contractors to clearly demark areas and increase site safety. These water filled traffic barriers can be connected together forming a complete separator between the public and free flowing traffic. It's unique connection system also enables it to be connected to the majority of existing barriers on the market, whilst it's shape provides effective stackability for transportation.

The 1 meter wide x 0.56 meter tall water filled traffic barrier comes in standard hi-visibility red & white colours, but can be manufactured in corporate colours at no extra cost. Weighing only 5kg when empty it is extremely light weight making it very easy to transport and store. However once filled with water this barrier is unrivalled. It weighs an incredible 55kg when filled with water, and even more when filled with other forms of ballast such as sand. This means that this plastic separator is incredibly study and can be used as a more permanent form of demarcation. Most of its competitors weigh a mere 25kg when filled so this road barrier is a cost effective solution for contractors. 

If you need a taller water filled barrier then take a look at our 800mm water filled barrier. It is a slightly lighter barrier at 27.5kg once filled, but its unique design means it is incredibly durable and wind resistant. Alternately you can also purchase mesh fence extensions for your water filled barriers. These simple slot into holes at either end of the plastic separators and add to significantly to the overall height of the separator barrier system. 

For chapter 8 compliant traffic barriers then be sure to look at our plastic road barrier, which is the most cost effective chapter 8 barrier on the market. At 2 meters wide and 1 meter tall it offers a lot more coverage that the water filled separators. Due to its height and flexibility it is an incredible form of temporary pedestrian and vehicle control, however the sturdy 55kg water filled barriers are a much better semi-permanent / permanent solutions to separating pedestrianised areas from traffic. 

  • Length - 1m

  • Height - 560mm

  • Width - 400mm

  • Weight - 5kg when empty

  • Weight - 55kg when full

  • Max 24 per pallet

  • Red & White Hi-Visibility colours

  • Ability to turn a full 90 degrees

  • Unique design for effective stackability


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