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Water Filled Road Barrier (Heavy Duty)

The Water Filled Road Barrier once filled weighs 55kg. At 1 meter wide & 560cm tall these separators are often used to separate traffic and pedestrians. A mesh fence extension can also be added to increase the height of the barrier to 1 meter.
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Plastic water filled barriers are used by traffic management, maintenance and construction companies to commonly mark road & walk ways. They also act as a barrier to seperate traffic and pedestrians. By filling the plastic road barrier with water they provide a sturdy barrier that remain firm in adverse weather conditions. 

  • Length - 1m
  • Height - 560mm (1m with fence extension)
  • Width - 400mm
  • Weight - 5kg when empty
  • Weight - 55kg when full
  • Max 18 per pallet
  • Red & White Hi-Visibility colours
  • Ability to turn a full 90 degrees
  • Unique design for effective stackability