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Water/Sewage Pipe Road Ramp


Water/Sewage Pipe Road Ramp

The Water/Sewage Pipe Road Ramp allows you to pump water across a road or pathway while maintaining vehicle access.
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The Water/Sewage Pipe Road Ramp enables you to pump liquid across a road or pathway causing minimal disruption to the flow of traffic and maintain pedestrian access. They can be used as single units or linked together in multiples. The Water/Sewage Pipe Road Ramp is suitable for all sized vehicles and has been load tested up to 70 tonnes.

Overall Dimensions

3600mm Coupling to Coupling

Crossing Width & Apex Height 3010mm x 75mm 
Connector Type  4" 6" & 8" - Bauer, Flange, Storz, Cardan
Maximum Load Weight 70 Tonnes 
Maximum Flow Rate  500m3/h
Weight Approx 200kg 


  • Cost savings in eliminating the need to bury pipes in the highway or erecting costly overhead gantries
  • Triangular profile provides ultimate strength - no more crushed hoses and leaks!
  • Load tested to 70 tonnes - allows any-vehicle access to your site
  • Does not block - even on the heaviest sewerage jobs
  • Steel plate construction
  • Available in 4" 6" 8" - Bauer / Flange / Storz / Cardan Coupling - can be adapted to connect to any hose type/fitting
  • Lifting eyes allow easy on-site manoeuvrability
  • Bolt holes allow the Pipe Road Ramp to be secured to the road surface
  • Low profile - the apex is just 75 mm (3") above the road surface, allowing passage all types of traffic and pedestrians with minimal disruption
  • Crossing width of 3010 mm for the Road Ramp and 1500 mm for the Pedestrian Ramp