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Wildlife Barrier


Wildlife Barriers have been specially designed to provide a robust and durable solution for permanent exclusion and mitigation projects. Used for amphibian and reptile guidance in your area. These Wildlife Barriers are simple to install when cutting, screwing and drilling and can be easily secured into the ground with pointed posts.

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  • Dual lip barrier
  • Different heights available to cater to variety of wildlife
  • Weather-resistant
  • Zero maintenance
  • 100% recycled plastic construction
  • Non-toxic
  • Non-polluting
  • Harmless to flora and fauna
  • Reduces your development's carbon footprint
  • Simple to install



  • Dig a shallow trench around 15cm deep so the bottom section of your panel is buried up to – this will create a solid burrowing barrier to improve the overall stability of your barrier.
  • Use 90mm x 9mm x 1000mm or longer posts and drive the posts into the ground to be positioned 100mm below the top lip to allow the bottom lip to be buried.
  • Position each post 40mm in from the vertical panel edge. As posts are 90mm, securing 40mm behind each guard will allow for a 10mm expansion gap between the panels.  Repeat this for each panel along the length of the extension.
  • Fix three screws through the front of your panel vertically into each post at three intervals – double staggered screws can be used at each fixing point if desired. Pre-drilling your holes is recommended.
  • Your end panels should be angled inward to safely direct wildlife – once each guard has been properly fixed to your posts, fill the trench and compact soil up to or slightly above the bottom lip.



Colour: Grey, Brown

Panel Length: 1920mm

Thickness: 25mm

Overall Thickness: 100mm

Height: 600, 800mm

Weight: 33 or 44kg

Material: 100% Recycled Plastic


Every year, thousands of small animals such as amphibians and reptiles are killed throughout the UK by accessing roads and encroaching on construction activities. At Safe Fence, we have a range of Wildlife Protection solutions designed to mitigate these risks.

We have Wildlife Barrier and Protection Systems which can be installed in your area to control the movement of these small creatures and also smaller complementary products like Pitfall Traps and Refuge Tiles for added wildlife protection.


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