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WRAS Approved Potable Water Tank


WRAS Approved Potable Water Tanks have been designed and manufactured in accordance with the Water Regulations Advisory Scheme. These Drinking Water Storage Tanks are rotationally moulded from WRAS approved industrial strength MDPE using UV technologies to cope with industrial environments, extreme weather conditions and to protect against bacteria growth.

Ideal for commercial and agricultural applications.

For complex installations we offer a fitting service – please speak to our sales team today to arrange this.

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Smaller tanks come fitted with a 400mm Non-Vented Lid and a 1" or 2" BSP fitting located at the bottom of the tank.

Our larger tanks (10,000L and above) come with tie down points to facilitate handling and positioning with a 600mm Screw Down Lid to ensure ease of access. The tank comes with a standard 2" plastic threaded male outlet which is supplied loose but can accept up to 6" flanged outlets. A 2" Isolation Valve is also supplied to ensure a simple connection.

At Safe Fence, we supply a range of connections and fittings suitable for agricultural, commercial and domestic applications:

  • Outlets – located on the lower half of your Water Tank where you can access the water.
  • Bylaw Kit – components designed to protect the water in a tank from contamination.
  • Float Valve & Float – these control the filling of a tank so that it can be flushed.
  • Insulation Kit – used to provide frost protection during periods of extremely cold weather.



Suitable for internal and external use

Frost-proof – plastic will not crack in cold

Plastic meets the British Standards requirements of BS 6920-1:2000

Plastic will not contaminate water

Sturdy design maximises water storage

Holds shape when full

Industrial strength heavy duty product

Opaque plastic reduces algae growth in sunlight

Rotationally moulded for strength and durability


Installation Guidelines:

All Potable Water Tanks must be installed in accodance with The Water Supply Regulations 1999 in order to be properly used for the storage of drinking water.

All tanks have been designed to be manoeuvred when empty and under no circumstances should they be lifted when containing water.

Be careful to avoid damage that can be caused by the tines on forklifts and it is recommended that you use a crane to lift large tanks from the lorry.

Tanks should be unloaded onto a smooth surface that is free from sharp objects which could cause damage. Tanks must not be sitting tight against a wall or a similar structure and must be installed on a firm, smooth base of reinforced concrete.

We recommend a tank base depth of:

  • 150mm (6”) for tanks up to 10,000 Litres
  • 200mm (8”) for tanks over 10,000 Litres

If a large water tank is inadequately supported, the tank can be weakened leading to eventual failure and liquid leaking. The location of the installation should allow enough room to carry out all maintenance activities. Precautions should be taken against accidental contact with the tank as impact with the tank – especially at low temperatures – may result in tank failure.

Make sure any fittings are hand tightened – if they are over-tightened, they may leak. It is important that fittings, valves, pipes and other accessories are fully supported. Fittings and tank attachments should not carry any weight. Be sure to test the installation by filling the tank with water before putting it into use.

As Water Storage Tanks are inspected annually, you must properly and regularly maintain your tank to prevent bacteria from growing inside of the system. 




H x D


5000L 1580mm x 2050mm 110kg 400mm Non-Vented Lid
5300L 1700mm x 2200mm 120kg 400mm Non-Vented Lid
5600L 1885mm x 2050mm 140kg 400mm Non-Vented Lid
6250L 1880mm x 2200mm 135kg 400mm Non-Vented Lid
7000L 2140mm x 2200mm 160kg 400mm Non-Vented Lid
10,000L 1965mm x 2700mm 180kg 600mm Screw Down Lid
10,000L (Tall) 2500mm x 2400mm 200kg 600mm Screw Down Lid
15,000L 2900mm x 2700mm 300kg 600mm Screw Down Lid
20,000L 3725mm x 2700mm 400kg 600mm Screw Down Lid
25,000L 4480mm x 2700mm 500kg 600mm Screw Down Lid


At Safe Fence, we have a range of Water Storage products which includes Potable and Non-Potable Tanks up to 25,000Las well as Insulated Water Tanks, Underground Tanks and Brine Tanks which are excellent solutions for industrial, agricultural and domestic use.


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