High Performance Acoustic Barrier - 40.8dB

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High Performance Acoustic Barrier - 40.8dB

At 1.2m wide & 2.0m high our High Performance Acoustic Barrier is our best in class acoustic blanket. There is no other noise reducing barrier that we can offer anywhere near the price of our High Performance Acoustic Barrier that has also reduced noise by 40.8dB in the lab & has a noise absorption rate at an outstanding 96%. 

Ex VAT: £180.00 Inc VAT: £216.00


The high performance acoustic barrier is the most noise reducing barrier that we have to offer. It is a temporary portable acoustic barrier that offers superior noise reduction and absorption. It is water, fire and temperature resistant, lightweight, quick and easy to install, extremely durable and made using recycled biodegradable acoustic infill. Our high performance acoustic barrier performs in every situation, delivering outstanding results.

High-performing materials and construction

  • Front outer layer - Extremely durable, high-quality waterproof PVC, of optimum mass to achieve maximum noise mitigation, also offering an impressive visual finish.
  • Noise-absorbent composite - The heart of the panel: a lightweight, but highly noise-absorbent composite, made of bio-degradable recycled materials. At certain frequencies it absorbs 100% of noise.
  • Waterproof breathable membrane - The membrane lets in sound, so that it can be absorbed by the composite, but keeps water out. 
  • Durable reinforced mesh - The mesh protects the panel in tough working environments without compromising its acoustic performance.
Max Noise Reduction (Lab Tested)*
40.8 dB
Max Noise Absorption (Lab Tested)*
2050 mm (6 ft 9 in)
1335 mm (4 ft 5 in)
Rolled Dimensions
400 mm diameter (1 ft 4 in), 1335 mm (4 ft 5 in) wide
7.1 kg (15.6 lb)
Water resistant test standard*
BSEN 60529:1992 IPX6 / IPX9
Fire resistant test standard*
BS 7837-1996, ASTM E84
Dust resistant test standard*
BSEN 60529-1992
Cold resistant test standard (result)*
BSEN 60068/2/1:2007 (-40 degrees)
Tensile test standard (result)*
ISO 17025 (5.52 kN vertical, 1.34 kN horizontal)
UV resistant
3 years (USA + Canada), 5 years (rest of the world)
Safety features
Night-time reflective strips, hazard icons
Quick install
1 person in 30 seconds with installation kits, rollable
Installation kits
Security cable, Data tag
Power wash
Identification code part number
Unique RFID number per unit
Manufacturer’s warranty
1 year
Colour Options
On request

Safety and fire proofing

High performance acoustic panels are compact, lightweight and safe to handle: they contain no fiberglass or hazardous materials. To maximize safety at night-time or in dark areas they are fitted with refl ector strips. ASTM E84 and BS 7838-1996 fire tests have been carried out to put your mind firmly at rest.

Resistance to water and extremes of temperature

Independent tests prove that the Higher Performance acoustic panels are waterproof: they do not absorb water when exposed to heavy rain or when jet-washed. They have also been proven to withstand extremes of temperatures – from 160°F (70°C) down to minus 40°.

Environmental awareness

Our products contain no hazardous substances and are constructed using substantial proportions of recycled material. Waste is minimized through our buy-back scheme: any acoustic panels returned at the end of their lifecycle are recycled in accordance with strict guidelines from the Carbon Trust.