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AdBlue Spill Kit


AdBlue Spill Kit


Spill Kits specifically designed for dealing with AdBlue spills and leaks. Helping you conform to PPG 7 9.1 Emission Reduction Solutions (ERS). If they get into the environment, ERS can seriously pollute groundwater and surface waters.

These Spill Kits include highly absorbent pads, absorbent socks and a disposal bag.

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The Absorbent Pads found in your kit will soak up your spillages safely and efficiently preventing contamination on your site due of the material's strong wicking action when cleaning up – each pad provides maximum absorbency allowing for a strong amount of liquid to be drawn in.

Absorbent Socks are excellent for absorbing spillages around leaking machinery to prevent walkways from being contaminated. They are also ideal for surrounding a spillage to prevent potential slips and falls for a safer working environment.

Each kit also comes with its own disposal bag and zip-tie printed with 'HAZARDOUS WASTE' to assist accurate waste disposal once each spillage has been taken care of.

The array of spill kits are detailed below:

  • Standard (Break Pack) – heat-sealed and tamper evident compact plastic bags ideal for carrying in vehicles. Perfect for cleaning up small leaks and spills quickly and efficiently with instuctions labelled on the front of the bags.
  • Shoulder Bag – our Hi-Vis 50L Spill Kit comes with a high capacity, zipped Shoulder Bag with straps and handles which has also been designed for a quick response to spills and leaks.
  • Round Bin – 100L Blue Bin 
  • Wheelie Bin – 240 Litre Blue Wheelie Bin


We also have General PurposeOil & Fuel and Chemical Spill Kits as well as a range of Jumbo Spill Kits available in our Spill Containment range. 


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