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Free Standing Bulk Bag (Tonne Bag) Filling Hopper


Free Standing Bulk Bag (Tonne Bag) Filling Hopper

The 1 Tonne Bag Hopper is a simple to use bulk bag filling device that makes the bag filling process quicker and safer. Easy to relocate using a forklift with forklift pockets fitted as standard.
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The 1 Tonne Bag Hopper is a reliable bag filling device that makes it easier, quicker, and safer to load bags.

The Bag Hopper could not be simpler to use. Using the hooks located towards the top of the Hopper, affix the bulk bag ready for filling, and the setup is complete.

The chute present at the top of the 1 Tonne Bag Hopper is designed to save time and prevent spillage. All materials poured into the top of the chute will go directly into the bulk bag below.

While using the Free Standing Hopper, if circumstances arise where the in-use Hopper needs relocating, the handy forklift guides allow for easy movement using a traditional forklift truck.

Warehouse and construction site friendly, the One Tonne Bag Hopper can also accommodate pallets beneath the hanging bulk bag. A handy feature when the bulk bags are filled to capacity and need transporting.

Despite being designed for these industries, the Free Standing Hopper can also be used for other purposes, such as farming and agriculture.

The sturdy footing at the base of the Bag Hopper gives it enough stability and support to handle up to 1000kg. Boasting a steel thickness of 2.5mm on the box section, this hopper has been designed for heavy duty usage.

Despite the many strengths of the 1 Tonne Bag Hopper, it is not suitable for crane use. Chute extensions and castors are available to add to the hopper.



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Height: 2000mm
Width: 1130mm
Diameter: 1130mm