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Biodegradable Grass Seed Mat


Biodegradable Grass Seed Mat


This Biodegradable Grass Seed Mat is used for effective vegetation restoration and erosion control on a number of different types of landscapes such as lawns and steep slopes.

Each mat has been securely and evenly pre-sown with seed and fertiliser so they cannot be disturbed during handling, transportation, installation and settlement. Protected from washout and deprivation, seeds sprout and grow well to give excellent grass cover results.

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Each mat is light, thin and elastic requiring no expertise to install. Very simple to install and lay – just requiring you to turn over the upper layer and remove any existing vegetation or rocks before levelling. It should take approximately 40 minutes for 2 people to lay 500m² on a slope with a 35° to 40° inclination – on plain surfaces, it should take just half the time. The mats can be cut and shaped quickly using scissors and can be easily carried to difficult locations inside its nylon packaging.

An eco-friendly solution, this mat is made purely from cellulose fibre which biodegrades after 4 to 5 months with residue enhancing the soil. No plastic retain nets are used with this product which can be a threat to wildlife in the area.

High-quality seeds are used with granulated fertilizers which have been proportioned correctly for uniform germination. Seeds and fertilizers are kept firmly inside the fibre protecting them from weather, pathogens, insects and birds. The mat also controls the soil temperature and reduces evaporation keeping the soil humid helping to suppress weed growth. Custom seed mixtures including wildflowers are available to suit the season, local conditions and application.

Once laid, these grass seed mats control surface erosion and the matting has been designed to provide long-term protection for the establishment of vegetation. 

The superior design structure of these mats means they are no susceptible to fibre alignment under high flow conditions which compromises the erosion protection properties unlike coir blankets. These mats are ideal for use alongside our Grass Protection Mesh where no grass exists to provide your area with a clean surface.



  • Will protect seed and soil from stormwater runoff
  • Establishes vegetation on steep banks
  • Fully biodegradable – biodegrades after 4-5 months
  • Environmentally friendly solution
  • Simple to install
  • Seed held in fibres to protect against birds
  • Can customise seed mix
  • Organic product





Material Cellulose Fibre & Seed Cellulose Fibre & Seed bonded to 3 dimensional UV stablised pp geomat
Colour Green Green & Black
Tensile Strength md 0.98kN/m, cd 0.60kN/m md 10kN/m, cd 15kN/m
Elongation md 42.61%, cd 125.34% md 20%, cd 15%
Thickness 3mm 20mm
Total Weight 250g/m2 480g/m2
Roll Size 150m2 (2.15m x 69.8m) 166m2 (2.2m x 30.0m)



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