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Bowser Water Tank


Our industrial strength Bowser Water Tanks are rotationally moulded in one piece form from high quality plastic to provide a seamless and environmentally friendly unit. With baffles pre-moulded into the tank, these Tanks are commonly used for the safe and secure transportation of water in the back of cars and vans.

Each Tank has been pre-fitted with a 1" BSP Outlet which is at the bottom of the tank which can be used to connect a pressure washer, ball valve or brass tap.

The 710 Litre Bowser Tanks have been manufactured with a semi-transparent natural finish meaning you are able to see the water level inside the tank.

All Tanks are maintenance-free and corrosion-resistant.




H x L x W Outlet Weight Access
710 Litres 1050mm x 900mm x 900mm 1" BSP 40kg 16" Lid
750 Litres 600mm x 1250mm x 1100mm 1" BSP 50kg 9" Screwdown Lid
1000 Litres 1200mm x 670mm x 1500mm 1" BSP 70kg 9" Lid


At Safe Fence, we have a whole range of Water Storage solutions ranging from high capacity Water Tanks to Submersible Water Pumps. In our Water Bowser product line, you can find Highway Water Bowsers, Pressure Washer Bowsers and Site Bowsers.


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