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Catchfans are designed to stop items falling from a height and posing a risk for people below. They are most commonly found attached to the side of multi storey buildings where construction or demolition is taking place.
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There is a wide range of catchfan models, that have specifically designed fittings depending on how & where they are being used. We have a scaffolding type, which has fixings designed to allow the catchfan to be fixed directly onto the scaffold. Alternately there is a steel fixing which allows catch fans to be fixed to steel framework. For fixing catchfans to concrete slab, there are a few different options & which choice suits your site predominantly depends on which type of edge protection system you are using. Our slab fixing allows the catchfan to be fixed to the top of the slab. Alternately the soffit fixing allows the catchfan to be fixed to the ceiling of the floor below, this is required when space at the edge of the slab cannot needs to be used & a traditional slab fix would get in the way.

Catchfans are integral for working safely at height and commonly used on most multi story and high rise projects across the UK. Catchfans are normally used alongside our SafeEdge edge protection systems which present a first line safety barrier, with Catchfans offering a secondary form of defense & the ultimate level of safety.

The Catchfan is manufactured and tested to be fully compliant with European Standard EN-1263-1 Type T.

This Catchfan is capable of arresting a 100 kg mass twice on any part of the system from a 7 m drop height.

These catchfans require access to tower cranes in order to be able to fix the catchfan in place. Catchfans should be built on the floor & then lifted into position using the tower crane. It is also important to evaluate which fixing is most appropriate for your project. Please reach out to a member of our team to check that the fixing you are looking at will meet your requirements. See our Catchfan Mini for other working at height requirements. 

Important questions include:

- What edge protection set up have you got? Edge of slab or top of slab?

- If edge protection is on top of the slab is it a minimum of 280mm back from the slab edge?

- Do you have a slab below that the leg extension can brace against if so is it within 3.8m?

- What is your slab to slab height?

- Does the slab step in or out?

- Do you have protruding columns?

Catchfans come complete with two attachments, depending on which version you select. The only thing not supplied with catchfans is the anchor bolts for connecting to concrete, however we can recommend which anchor bolts to use when installing your catchfans.

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