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Absorbent Socks


Absorbent Socks are typically placed at the base of leaking machinery to keep walkways free from contamination. They absorb on contact and are left in place to absorb oil, coolant, hydraulic oil and most workshop fluids. Socks are also used to contain wider spills and prevent floor contamination that could contribute to slips and falls.

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Their strong wicking action enables easy clean-up of everyday spills and leaks on-site. These Absorbent Socks are suitable for use in most workshops, production areas, maintenance facilities and transport areas for safely absorbing spillages on-site compared to loose granular material.

In this range we also have a Spill Kit range for a quick spill response on-site as well as individual Spill Control components such Absorbent Pads, Absorbent Cushions and Absorbent Roll.


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