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Portwest Classic Chrome Rigger Glove


Portwest Classic Chrome Rigger Glove


General handling Rigger gloves for hand protection against abrasion and cuts.

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Rigger gloves are the most globally recognisable type of glove across any industry and even home use. They are versatile, hardwearing, and offers protection across areas of the hand that are typically more exposed to damage such as the knuckles and fingers. It is the most popular and ‘go to’ general handling glove. There a number of different variants of rigger glove, the main varieties are:

  1. Classic Canadian Rigger gloves,
  2. Palm protections Rigger gloves,
  3. Insulated Rigger Gloves, and
  4. Heat Resistant Rigger Gloves.

This Classic Chrome Rigger Glove offers the wearer extra protection by offering additional knuckle padding. The Rigger Glove is made from premium split leather material.

This Rigger Glove is tested according to the British Standard EN 388. The standards test the following attributes of a glove:

  1. Abrasion Resistance
  2. Cut Resistance, Coup Test
  3. Tearing Strength
  4. Puncture Resistance
  5. Cut Resistance, TCM Test ISO 13997, and
  6. Impact Protection

Ever wondered why there is shield with random number from 1 to 4 on the back of every pear of gloves? Well, here’s why: the numbers refer the performance of the gloves against the attribute tests above.

The Chrome Rigger Glove scores:

  • 4 for Abrasion Resistance – this is maximum performance score achievable,
  • 2 for Cut Resistance, Coup Test,
  • 2 for Tearing Strength
  • 2 for Puncture Resistance

Have you ever heard of the phrase “There’s no such thing as bad weather, just unsuitable clothing?” Well the same can be applied to gloves, you need find the right glove with the relevant attributes to suit the job at hand. If you require more cut protection then take a look at the MR Cut PU Palm Glove if you require a glove with more dexterity then the Flexo Grip Nitrile Glove is for you.