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Geared Coneflow Concrete Skip


Geared Coneflow Concrete Skip

This concrete pouring skip has a horizontal round shape with lateral outlet & rugged heavy-duty design with lifting beam.
As low as £1,350.00 £1,620.00
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The geared coneflow concrete skip has been the long standing favourite for ground workers and those looking for a robust all round skip. With the geared gate mechanism this skip is ideal for fast controlled pouring of concrete in large volumes.

500 Litres

SWL: 1200 kg

Height: 2480

Width: 1150mm

Weight: 260 kg


750 Litres

SWL: 1800 kg

Height: 2540mm

Width: 1150mm

Weight: 360 kg


1000 Litres

SWL: 2400 kg

Height: 2580mm

Width: 1150mm

Weight: 460 kg


1500 Litres

SWL: 3600 kg

Height: 3200mm

Width: 1400mm

Weight: 630 kg


2000 Litres

SWL: 4800 kg

Height: 3400mm

Width: 140mm

Weight: 870 kg