Driveway Trench Cover Board - LowPro 15/10

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Driveway Trench Cover Board - LowPro 15/10
A driveway trench cover board (1500mm x 1000mm) that is specially designed (commissioned by National Grid UK) to support a load of one wheel of a 3.5t vehicle, over a 900mm span. The driveway trench cover board also incorporates Flexi-edge technology, which means that in most cases it does not need to be bolted in place, reducing installation time & cost.
Ex VAT: £137.50 Inc VAT: £165.00


The driveway trench cover board (1500mm x 1000mm) is designed to cover a 900mm trench for 3.5 tonne vehicles and a 1200mm trench for pedestrian traffic up to 400kg. Although these boards can be anchored if required, in the vast majority of conditions they simply need placing in position. The flexi-edge technology incorporated into these boards means that they will stay in place without being anchored, saving you time and money on installation. These driveway trench cover boards are also more stable than traditional trench covers thanks to their PVC anti slip edge and higher load ratings, making them one of the most advanced trench covers available. 

All of our trench cover boards are manufactured to rigorous quality standards in the UK and comply with the UKs DETR "Safety at Street works and Road works Code of Practice". The inner section of the trench cover is made up from a glass reinforced composite making them shock resistant. They also incorporate gas vents and probe hole.

At 42-48 kg these trench covers make for an easy two-man lift and do not require any heavy machinery to place in position.