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Extruded Polypropylene Netting


Our Extruded Polypropylene Net is an all-purpose plastic mesh that can be used for many applications such as protection from bird excretion, small rodent damage and providing plant support.

We supply Knitted Woven Monofilament Nets and Knitted Tape Nets depending on your needs – contact our Sales team today and let us know the Roll Size and Shade Factor you require for your area.

We have a range of different Extruded Net grades which are outlined below:

Extruded Aviary Net – 60g poylpropylene rot-proof mesh netting which is resistant to bird excretion and saline corrosion. It has a fliexible and lightweight construction and is highly robust tear-resistant net.

Mole Net – manufactured from polypropylene and is primarily used to protect your outdoor garden area from moles and small rodents which dig holes in the ground. A lightweight mesh but extremely tough which can resist chemicals and weather elements unlike the Extruded Aviary Net.

Multipurpose Net (Cintoflex & C-Flex) – high tensile strength nets which can be supplied up to 4.6m. Rot-proof, chemical-resistant and UV-stabilised which can be easily installed to heights up to 25 metres high.

Plant Support Netting – designed to provide vertical or horizontal support strong enough to withstand the heaviest of crops. Strong enough to encourage the growth of pea,s beans, cucumbers and marrows when used vertically up against a wall or used horizontally to provide support for long-stemmed flowers.



  • High tensile strength
  • Lightweight and durable
  • High degree of UV stabilisation
  • Full range of mesh netting sizes and colours
  • Premium quality
  • Wide range of roll sizes on offer


We have a variety of Agrotextiles products in our Geotextiles range including the popular eco-friendly Woven and Biodegradable Weed Control Membrane available in a range of sizes for long-term weed control, moisture conservation and separation. We also supply a number of various Netting and Mesh products including Anti Bird Netting, Windbreak Netting, Insect Mesh Netting and Multipurpose Extruded Netting which offer crop and plant protection from various harmful environmental factors.


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