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Forklift Road Sweeper


Industrial Forklift Attachable Road Sweeper - our forklift fork mounted sweeper broom is a quick and easy solution for collecting your loose granule products such as sand, top soil, or similar. It is the must have tool that gives you the versatility of clearing your yard, roadway, footpaths or warehouse.

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Our Forklift fork mounted sweeper broom is a quick and easy solution for collecting your loose granule products such as sand, top soil, or similar. It is the must have tool that gives you the versatility of clearing your yard, roadway, footpaths or warehouse. The bristles on our forklift sweepers are 270mm long, making them durable and fit for cleaning up some of the dirtiest environments. The sweeper bristles are set in rows, there are 5 rows of bristles on the 1200mm wide model and 8 rows on all of the other models. These rows of bristles are easily replaceable as they simply slide our of the road sweeper and new ones slide in. This also allows you to rotate the placement of your bristles over time to ensure that the workload is shared, increasing the longevity of your road sweeper.

The Heavy Duty Road Sweeper is an 8 row bristle and more thorough sweeper which focuses more on sweeping large open spaces with heavier masses such as cardboard, plastics and other debris. The Eco Forklift Road Sweeper is most commonly used for tasks where volume and weight is minimal. With 5 rows of bristles it ensures a light sweep up of the area focusing on lighter materials.

The forklift broom attaches quickly and easily to forklifts or telehandlers for fast and efficient floor cleaning inside or outside.

  • Essential, very fast change, fork attachment for heavy duty cleaning of yards and barns.
  • Used outside to clear slurry, grit, grain, straw, mud, moss, light snow & general farm cleaning.

Forklift Brush Operation

  1. Position the forks to the correct distance apart to locate into fork hoops.
  2. Drive forks into fork hoops until the tip of the forks touches the stop plate, firstly ensuring that the twist screws are suitably retracted.
  3. Once the forks are fully inserted tighten the twist screws onto the fork blade ensuring that they are fully tightened.
  4. The attachment is now ready for use.
  5. Lower the Brush so that the bristles are in contact with the sweeping surface and drive at a slow jogging pace and in a straight line. Distance will depend on sweeping surface and type of debris being swept.
  6. Once the desired distance has been reached, lift the brush clear of the sweeping surface and reverse to cover the same straight line run again (this is optional to the user dependant on surface, debris and desired result).
  7. Continue point 6 until area has been cleared.
  8. Approached the individual piles at right angles to the sweeping direction so as to create a single heap.
  9. This heap is now ready for collection/scooping to your wasted container.


The Fork Mounted Brush should be inspected monthly for general condition with particular attention paid to:

A – All weld points

B – Wear and distortion of fork hoops and twist screws

C – Any damaged/worn components

D – General condition of bristles

  1. Damage or failure must be reported and rectified immediately prior to re-use of the attachment.
  2. General surface rusting especially in the critical areas should be treated with proprietary inhibitors, primers and paint on a regular basis.
  3. To ensure even bristle wear swap the front and rear bristles back to front and visa versa.

Health and Safety

  1. The manager of the department or section where the attachment is to be used must be responsible for ensuring the operators are fully conversant with the attachment, its operation, maintenance and that the twist screws are fully tightened.
  2. We recommend that cornering is not under taken when sweeping as there will be spillage of material on the outside of the turn.
  3. Do not drive into the fork hoops without retracting the twist screws.
  4. Do not reverse with the brush in contact with the sweeping surface as the unit may become dislodged from the brush.
  5. When in storage do not stand or place items on the brush hood as damage could be incurred to the bristles and/or injury to personnel.

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More Information

Interchangeable blue nylon brushes 

Facility to hang to Fork Mounted Magent from the frame 

Maximum fork section 150 x 60 mm at 683 mm centres

Zinc plated twist screws for safe attachment to truck 

Painted bright orange for safety 


Brush Width (mm)  No Of Brushes Weight (kg)  C of G (mm) 
1200 5 27 125
1500 8 51 185
1800 8 61 185
2450 8 95 185