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Front of Stage Barrier Enclosure


Front of Stage Barrier Enclosure


These stainless steel barriers are designed to be used in multitudes to construct a structured barrier enclosure. Best suited for outdoor activities such as festivals, outdoor concerts and other large-scale events these barriers are strong, durable and can withstand harsh weather conditions. Low maintenance to clean afterwards they are perfect for heavy usage. 

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Strong, durable and long lasting these stainless steel barriers are designed to be used in conjunction with other barriers. When used on a large-scale project these barriers create a secure wall separating pedestrians from the main stage/event. Best suited for outdoor festivities such as festivals, sporting events and outdoor concerts these barriers are reliable and sturdy, able to withstand harsh weather conditions.

Available in a wide variety of finishes and angles and degrees these barriers can be used in conjunction with each other to create any sized enclosure.

Finishes: Stainless Steel or Powder Coated.

  • Powder Coated steel is highly recommended as the steel is coated with finely ground powder which is low maintenance and prevents rust and corrosion much better than Stainless Steel.

Angles: Internal, External and Horizontal.

  • Internal - Used for creating inner barrier set ups.
  • External - Used for creating outer barrier set ups.
  • Horizontal - Used for creating straight line barrier set up. Most commonly seen at the front row of stages.


  • 11.25 - Tighter angle used to create quick, small corners.
  • 22.5 - Tighter angle used to create quick, small corners.
  • 45 - Tight angle used to create tight corners.
  • 180 - Straight angle, best for creating a long line of barriers.

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