Goods Basket - Crane Lift

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Goods Basket - Crane Lift
Solid steel goods cages, with a steel mesh basket, are fitted with lifting lugs that allow them to be safely lifted by crane.
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Goods Baskets are LOLER tested and have a Safe Working Load (SWL) of 1500kg. They are also fitted with lifting lugs, which allow cranes to easily transport the goods baskets across building and construction site. The pallet feet welded onto the bottom of each goods cage make them easily stackable onto one another when in storage, allowing you to maximise your storage space. 

Height (External) Height (Internal) Width (External) Width (Internal) Length (External) Length (Internal) Width (Internal Clear Area) Width (External Clear Area) Weight Capacity
810mm  630mm 800mm 720mm 1000mm 920mm 600mm 800mm 65kg 600 litres
810mm  630mm 800mm 720mm 1200mm 1120mm 600mm 1000mm 70kg 720 litres
810mm  630mm 800mm 720mm 1500mm 1420mm 600mm 1300mm 85kg 900 litres
810mm  630mm 1000mm 920mm 1500mm 1420mm 800mm 1300mm 95kg 1125 litres