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Wonder Wall Heavy Duty Traffic Barrier


Wonder Wall Heavy Duty Traffic Barrier


The WonderWall traffic barrier is a heavy duty, chapter 8 compliant, barrier. It is used to separate civilians & members of the workforce from potential hazards. At 1000mm high & weighing 25kg it presents a formidable barrier without the need to add water or any other form of ballast. The WonderWall barrier is commonly found near road ways and meets the toughest of standards set out in The Traffic Signs Manual - Chapter 8 and Traffic Signs Regulations & General Directions.

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The Chapter 8 compliant WonderWall™ traffic barrier is a heavy duty, enhanced, barrier system. This robust road barrier gives stability in high winds without the need for extra ballast. It creates a safer working environment when deployed near the road side, or excavations on site. These barriers can be moved easily by one person and can be moved via Fork-lift truck when the bases are stacked.

Fence anti-climb mesh extensions are also available to give further security. These lightweight extensions are manufactured using Safe Edge Design, meaning there are no sharp edges to potentially harm civllians or members of the workforce.


HeightWidthBarrier DepthBase DepthWeight


  • A separately moulded peg that is securely fixed allows a quick & easy connection to the next Barrier.
  • Holes in base for Fork lift entry.
  • Location holes for a 600 x 450 Courtesy Sign.
  • A hole to take a flashing Lamp.
  • Extremely tough & durable for life longevity.
  • Base is manufactured from 100% recycled material.
  • Bases can stack with one another.
  • Reflective area for high visibility.
  • Compatible with existing systems.
  • Facility to take a double decked system.
  • 21 pieces each to a pallet.

We also have Chapter 8 Compliant Road Barriers available on the Safe Fence website.

Safe Fence stock a wide-range of Road Barriers, Traffic Management Equipment, Water Filled Barriers & Road Signs conforming to all required safety specifications and regulations.

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  • Conforms to requirements of BSEN8442
  • Reflectivity requirements of BSEN12899-1
  • Chapter 8 - The Traffic Signs Manual
  • Safety at Street Works & Road Works 
  •    – A Code of Practice.
  • Traffic Signs Regulations & General Directions

How important is Traffic Management? 

"Each year within the construction industry, approximately ten people die as a result of being struck by vehicles on site. In addition, there are hundreds of preventable accidents and injuries. 

Accidents occur from groundwork’s to finishing works and managers, workers, visitors to sites and members of the public can all be at risk. Inadequate planning and control is the root cause of many construction vehicle accidents." (source:


So the answer is of course yes, it is incredibly important. But what can we do to undertake sufficient Traffic Management? It is crucial to keep pedestrians and vehicles separate wherever popular, and our range of plastic road barriers are the favored method that many people choose to take. 


Here are some more important tips from HSE: 

  • Entrances and exits - provide separate entry and exit gateways for pedestrians and vehicles;
  • Walkways - provide firm, level, well-drained pedestrian walkways that take a direct route where possible;
  • Crossings - where walkways cross roadways, provide a clearly signed and lit crossing point where drivers and pedestrians can see each other clearly;
  • Visibility - make sure drivers driving out onto public roads can see both ways along the footway before they move on to it;
  • Obstructions – do not block walkways so that pedestrians have to step onto the vehicle route; and
  • Barriers - think about installing a barrier between the roadway and walkway.